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Cardiological Society of India
Bihar Chapter

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Memories of constitution of CSI, Bihar Chapter

It was mid-January of 1994. I had returned from Delhi after completing my DM training and went to Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology, Patna, to give my joining. Late Dr. A. k. Thakur was the Director and his office was in the old building in a corner of ground floor. This building has now been demolished to have G+9 building for Indira Gandhi Institute of cardiology, Patna. Dr. A.K. Thakur ,Dr. R.K. Agrawal (1 st DM Cardiologist in Bihar) and Dr. Shiv Nath Prasad, were discussing about the nitty gritty for establishment of Bihar branch of Cardiological Society of India. This was the brainchild of late Dr. A.K. Thakur. Subsequently there were multiple meetings with senior physicians and cardiologist of bihar at different places to discuss the formation of constitution of CSI, Bihar Chapter, which were finalized on the pattern of National CSI with some modification A formal application was sent to the office of National CSI at Kolkata. Dr. A.K. Thakur was in contact with the senior members and office bearer of CSI head
office. Finally the D Day arrived and Dr. P.K. Banerjee was sent from the head office as inspector to decide recognition to the Bihar Branch of CSI. An official conference of 1 st CSI, Bihar Branch was held in Hotel Chanakya with grand fanfare with a cultural program in the end. Dr. P.K. Banerjee was greatly impressed with the organization gave his consent and we all celebrated the day. Dr. Vishnu Jain, was selected as the 1 st President of CSI, Bihar Chapter and Dr. R.K. Agarwal as the 1 st Secretary. This was done with a great vision as Dr. Vishnu Jain was the only USA trained fellow of American college of Cardiology in Bihar. Incidentally no one in Bihar has returned to Bihar after being trained as fellow in Cardiology in USA, although many doctors of Bihar are working as cardiologist at different level in USA. Dr. R.K. Agrawal was the first trained DM cardiologist from PGI Chandigarh, in Bihar and he became an inspiration to the young generation. It is important to mention that Bihar was undivided at that time. Present Jharkhand was part of Bihar and senior doctors of Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur were active members of CSI, Bihar Chapter. Annual conference of CSI Bihar Chapter were held at Dhanbad, Ranchi & Jamshedpur also. Dr. A.K. Chatterjee of Dhanbad was second president and Dr. A.K Thakur, was next in chain.
I was the fourth secretary in chain along with Dr. A.K.P. Sinha as the president, Dr. A.K. Thakur had given me the task to get the Bihar Chapter of CSI registered in Bihar. I was able to get the CSI Bihar Chapter registered under Society Registration Act with support of my senior and colleagues. Here I want to emphasize that Late Dr. Achal Sinha and Dr. Shivnath Prasad were giving support and guidance. Dr. V. Jain and Dr. A.K. Thakur are no more but they will always remain inspiration and driving force for CSI, Bihar Chapter. I have got a humble request to the current and future office bearers to the following points.
1. Please read the rules of Bihar Registration act and follow all the rules and regulation.
2. The constitution of CSI, Bihar Chapter should be adhered by letter and spirit and any change in the Constitution should be appended with the reference of GB meeting in which this was done
3. Record of all notices, attendances and proceeding of all meeting should be recorded in black and white and signed by President and secretary during their tenure.
4. Income tax regulation should be strictly adhered and return filed every year
5. A Separate office of CSI BIHAR CHAPTER is dream of all of us and we all should strive to have it either by outright purchase or on lease.
There were very few trained cardiologists in Bihar at the time of formation of CSI Bihar Chapter but now the list in very long with young cardiologist in Bhagalpur/ Gaya/ Muzaffarpur/ Darbhanga besides a host of DM/ DNBs at Patna. DM and DNB training have started in Bihar and these are very heartening .I wish all success to Bihar Chapter Long live CSI, Bihar chapter.



President CSI Bihar Speaks…..

It is a great and unique honour to me to become the president of the prestigious association of Cardiological Society of India, Bihar Chapter. I will strive hard to uphold the rich traditions and high standards set by our illustrious past presidents and all honorable friends. The mission ahead is sacred and the sphere is vast and diverse. May I ask all of you to extend your guiding hands in the onerous journey I am embarking on?
I would like to quote Martin Luther King who said;”The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comforts, but where he stands attimes of challenges and adversities.”
Friends! we are passing through the worst phase of our life created by dreaded global pandemic COVID19.I am deeply conscious of the fact that the doctors as a whole suffer from lifestyle diseases largely due to work pressure and they never bother for their health and wellbeing.CSI Bihar is going to conduct Cardiovascular Health Survey for doctors of Bihar and Jharkhand and soon let you know the magnitude of CV risks of ours. Father of bedside medicine, William Osler said: “Good physicians treat disease and great physicians treat the patients who have the disease.”

Nowadays clinical cardiology has taken the back seat. Stethoscope is forgotten. We should try to give due places to both stethoscope and latest diagnostic advances in cardiology. Dear brothers! Pull me if I err, pat me if I am right, inspire me if I sag. Let us act together as a team. I need your blessings, good wishes, support and cooperation to implement all our promises.
Thank you all.
Let the flag of CSI fly high!
Jai Hind! Jai CSI Bihar!

Dr. (Prof.) D.P. Singh

Glasgow & Edinburg
Prof. & HOD
Dept. of Chest Medicine
J.L.N.M.C.H, Bhagalpur
President CSI Bihar

I am glad to know and would like to congratulate Dr. DP Singh President CSI, Bihar Chapter for opening a website of CSI , Bihar Chapter.Website is very important platform for any society to share information of its office bearers, activities and programs .

With Best Wishes
Dr A N Rai.
Former President CSI, Bihar Chapter.

I congratulate Dr D P singh for his decision to open website of CSI Bihar chapter.It will prove to be very useful.
Dr Harendra Kumar
Past President, CSI Bihar chapter
Ex Director, Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology, PMCH Campus , Patna
Presently, Senior Consultant cardiologist,IGIC

Dr.Nishant Tripathy
MD,DM (Cardio)

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
Paras Hospital,Patna
Organising Secretary

Dr.Abhinav Bhagat

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
Heart Hospital,Patna
Secretary – CSI Bihar