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Bihar Chapter of CSI, was conceptualized by Late Dr. Ashok Kumar Thakur, former director of Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology, Patna.

Dr. Thakur took help and guidance from other senior doctors of Bihar who had been senior office bearer of other national medical association. Prominent among them where Dr. (Prof.) C.P. Thakur, Dr. (Prof.) S.N. Arya, Dr. (Prof.) B.B. Thakur, Dr. (Prof.) I.B. Sinha, Dr. (Prof.) D.K. Chaudhary, Dr. (Prof.) Roy Chandinath, Dr. (Prof.) A.N. Roy, Dr. B.N. Jha, Dr. Vishnu. Jain, Dr. A.K. Chatterjee, Dr. (Prof.) A.K. Singh,  & many others.

There were multiple meetings to frame the constitution of the organization which was mainly based on the constitution of National CSI with minor modifications.

Finally the Bihar Chapter of CSI, had its 1st meeting in 1994 at Hotel Chanakya with great fanfare. Dr. P.K. Banerjee from Calcutta came to attend the meeting as representative of National CSI.

CSI Head Quarter finally gave its consent to start the Bihar Chapter of CSI affiliated to National CSI.

Late Dr. Vishnu. Jain, was the first president and Dr. R. K. Agrawal was first secretary of CSI Bihar Chapter.

In 1994 present Jharkhand was part of Bihar, and therefore the doctors from the present Jharkhand state where also the members of CSI, Bihar Chapter.  Initially state conference were also held at Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Ranchi in addition to different district of Bihar.

After division of Bihar for many years the CSI Bihar Chapter worked as CSI (Bihar + Jharkhand) but subsequently a separate CSI Branch of Jharkhand was created with Head quarter at Ranchi.

CSI Bihar chapter was finally registered under society registration Act, Bihar in Reg. No. 1022 (U.S.R.A.21/1860)

List of President of CSI Bihar Chapter:

List of Secretary of CSI Bihar Chapter:

List of Annual Conference: